Projects are People. Projects are Technical.
Projects are Disaster Recovery. And Industry. And Arts. Projects are For-Profit, Non-Profit, Public, Private, Sector-Specific and Cross-Sector. Projects needs Marketing. And Content and Technical Writing. And Funding. And Research. Project Management comes from Methodology, from Practice and most important, from Real. Life. Experience.

Who covers all of this ground? We do, PMB | LLC


People-projects are the foundation of PMB | LLC.
Our project work has set the bar inclusively so no hard-working, kind, interesting, multi-faceted person should ever fall below it.
Individuals who receive disability services, disaster survivors, people impacted by COVID, industry workers who need to stay safe for someone(s), remote community members needing broadband infrastructure for connection/jobs/school/safety, small business entrepreneurs, local performing artists, transportation riders who need to get to appointments-- and much more. 

Technical competence drives PMB | LLC's accomplishment of project goals. We have solid experience with IT, database development, call center curriculum, broadband infrastructure, community development, industry safety, and more.
Cultivating Client relationships is paramount. Our care along the way to reaching each milestone will exceed your expectations.
And it is our signature follow-along that sets us apart. 

No better example of people + technology than the Hannah Collection.
Did you know you can knit with your eyes? Our Boss for this project (pictured left) did and cultivated her business from it. Using eye movement, infrared technology, and savvy planning, she knitted her elegant, functional boutique product line.


PMB | LLC is credentialed and experienced in: Business, Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Technical Writing, Government, IT, Engineering, Industry Health/Safety/Environment, Industry Training & Curriculum Building, Presentations, Human Services, Broadband, Grant Funding, Transportation, Performing Arts. Where there are barriers to your progress, we remove those barriers. We are global, with presence in the United States and Israel, as well as experience working remotely from multiple countries abroad. 

Agile | Scrum | Waterfall | Hybrid | Custom
Your culture, your Team, our trained ears & eyes to gather your requirements and make recommendations for the most effective project management methods/framework to meet your goals. Culture drives how projects get done: Learn more about
PMB | LLC culture-building expertise.